About ME

Hi I am Annika,
i am ordinary girl from next door, who has a passion for local grown food, farmer markets, unique place to eat, travel and photography.

I have a sweet tooth.

I am chocolate geek….every meal ends with a chocolate..

I love my own homemade food .

Deep passion for romantic comedy and old school films.

Organic and whole grain bread is a science.

Write this blog in honor for our son Maarten Jonas who was born May 2013 and passed away May 24, 2013. He gave me the inspiration to start writing.

I worked in organic wholesale grocery stories,

Lived and works on a organic fruit farm for one year.

Nutrition Coach not only my occupation, my life.

Fleur our second baby is a almost 3 yr old West Highland Terrier.

Dogs are better people…

I practice yoga since 10 yrs and you never find me in a headstand or handstand and I am proud of this…my yoga my way:)

Relocated 3 yrs ago from Germany to Portland, we never regret it.

Nature, Fresh Air , riding my bike ,stroll through Portland lovely neighborhood keeps me in Balance.

Omelette with spinach, artichoke and feta is my favorite breakfast.

As a 5’1 petite woman I buy kid size shoes and actually people like them.

Tea my life long love.

My hubby is a music geek…

Music belongs in every home.

We relax when we travel. On the beaten path…

You often see me with our camera ,she is a cutie…

Soups every day!!!

Enough and now sneak through my blog,go go go go go gog go go

and ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!









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