Back to the roots!

Last couples of days were insane days ,full of changes with positive outcome.
Writing and Photography means the world to me and to feature my articles gives me the platform to share experiences, support local businesses and people with a passion.
Likely everyone who went on this road of writing or publishing went through the progress I went through the last couples of days.
Over the last week , I got unsecure asked myself What the heck, I am doing here? Today finally, I clarity kicks in and I am doing the right thing and as you can see on the four words at the topic, back to the roots is my new way to go.
Usually I am pretty confident what I am doing and ever only worked jobs where I had passion for or which pushes me and my passion. I felt never intimidated by what I am doing.
Since writing I got inpatient, questioned myself a lot and drove my poor hubby nuts with my poor self esteem…only why?
Because I felt pressure of likes, where to feature my blog, how to post, marketing, branding etc….and I know many people before me, experienced these moments ,too. After going into myself, be honest to myself, several lunchs with dear friends I got back finally back to my roots.
As our son passed away last May, I promised myself and to my son, that I will show that you can pursue your dream, feature your passion, that it is worth to live and work the way YOU want, even if it pushes you out of your comfort zone. Life id not about failing, life can be emotional rollercoaster, life maybe has some obstacles and LIFE is loaded with full of choices and options. The first step out of your comfort zone, might be a fearful step , followed by a step of joyfulness, passion and dignity.
I will continue my writing journey, with some minor changes and will increase featuring people who work with food and will have even more my main focus on people who have passion for artisan food, who took a risk and work on their self.
I will feature mostly local people with maybe some exception during travel time. During my time since started writing, I felt so much appreciation and felt so fortune to do this, met so many wonderful people, created connections which I would never had before and feel like a part of a little community.
Yes it takes me longer to write an article but hey I am a Virgo and never complete satisfied and as a English as a second language, I need to make sure that we are all on the same pages.
Portland, OR has not only tremendous food options it has tremendous peoples with passion for artisan craft and nutrition.

Stay tuned and follow my journey and my next long term project


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