Bring your cleanse on- Bring your color up!

Last Friday we went to Holi – the color Festival to celebrate the good and the evil and to welcome the arriving of spring. It is the time of emotions and happiness and instead of stuck with this stuff, I love the ritual to celebrate and indulge it.Spring is the time of blossom and colors,and not only for the plants. It is the time of inside and outside cleaning. From cleaning your home, cleaning, planting the backyard and cleaning your body with a juice or smoothie cleanse.smoothie 7
I had it quite a while on my mind to write something about smoothies and colors, what better opportunity could I have as this blooming season to write about it. Colors gives us a message on a subconscious emotional level without words. Karen Haller said in an interview about color psychology:” Everybody needs a different portion of certain color.” Branding & Marketing are linked to color because they offer a stimulant advertising method for a wide audience.
Juice and Smoothie businesses not only in Portland Or, support your effort to get ready for the bikini season by providing a 3 up to 6 day juice cleanse freshly pressed in store for you. Speaking of juice and smoothie company.smotthie I am in love with juices and colors play not alone a primary role at the juices themselves in one of my favorites Stores like : Canteen PDX, Sip PDX, Green Leaf Juice Company or at Prasad. They all have one in common, the decor is bright clean and accented with white, earthy brown and green colors. If we think of freshness, natural, healthy what color pops right in your mind? Green, right?! Green helps us to focus,it has a soothing and calming effect on us. The common colors for smoothies and juice are, green, white, orange, red, yellow, purple. smoothie 3Similar to yoga where you can decide between energetic classes and restorative classes, you pick your color before you pick the ingredients. You will read the menu and see pineapple or berries and visualize them on your inner eye and corporate this with a specific emotions. As a sweet tooth girl, I crave mostly after smoothies with peanut butter. But as soon as the sun gets outs, I want something more fruity and tropical. So while waiting, I think back on some island vacation and vision white beach sand, coconut etc. White color symbolize purity and cleanse. Yellow is the color off sunshine , happiness and is an uplifting color. Orange supports your mood and emotions to get back on track. Lately, feeling under the weather or a little grumpy, you may select a yellow, beige or orange fresh pressed juice. The berry season right around the corner, you will see more and more people, carry a red smoothie. Red is an appetite stimulant color and attracts children really easy.smoothies 5
Having a speed food processor at home, you would think I have every morning a smoothie and will spend not so much money to pay for a smoothie. Yes, in the summertime I have more smoothies, and the bulk in the fiber gives me a sense of satisfaction and last longer as a snack or soft drink. As a nutrition coach I could go on with all the healthy benefits which a freshly smoothie or a 3 day cleanse can do. Personally, I am not a fan of giving health advises online. Basically, it is like everything in life: Finding the right balance in your life is the key. A plain smoothie made at home end up with a bland taste. Switch the fruits, green combinations and add chia, nuts or seeds to it and you have smoothie which tastes, well. If you throw too much in it, your body can not digest it and it does not nourish your body. Loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants , natural sugars it is well-rounded substitute for snacks, and coffee. Cleansing your body is always a great way to get rid off the toxins. But, yes there is a but. If you think of doing a longer cleanse as more as 3 days, I would suggest to doing it under the supervision of a physician , nutritionist, dietitian. Raw juice as has a laxative effect which helps to get rid of the toxins.smoothie 2 Detoxifying the system, cleansing the digestive tract helps clear body and your mind. Your metabolism will be more efficient if followed but a well-rounded diet. Detoxifying your body may have side symptoms like headache, nausea, dizziness for example. You know what best is for yourself. Every body, every mind react different, don’t over do it and drink a lot of water. Every step counts regarding your well-being. So next time, skip the coffee meet up with your BFF and meet at the juice bar and try one of the juice businesses in Portland and stroll afterwards through the shopping district.
smoothies 4
written by Annika Bielig Bussmann
photos provided by Canteen Pdx, PureVirbrantLiving.


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