Wintertime in the Pacific Northwest means cold. What could be better than thick, decadent hot drinking chocolate?

Take a moment, close your eyes and imagine a modern space, with timeless designed interior and over 250 bars of chocolate from around 40 countries. Chocolate is available in many shapes: bars, coins, chips, truffles and fish; or enjoy it as essential oil, fragrance or in a liquid form. Chocolate speaks for itself.

Since 2006, Owners Jesse Manis and Aubrey Lindley feed chocolate geeks and everyone else who loves chocolate with their boutique style chocolaterie on SW 13th Ave in 2 (1)

Chocolate has a primary role in their life, both private and professional.  The love for sweet treats started for Jesse at a young age. It was no wonder, that he went to Seattle Central Community College for pastry and baking. He extended his knowledge at Fran’s Chocolate in Seattle, while he had the opportunity to work with Fran Bigelow, a master chocolatier. Aubrey and Jesse arranged the precious products beautifully and keep the thermostat at 67 degrees to preserve the high quality of the goods.

As you enter the location you will notice the two long farmhouse wood dining tables and if you glad you will see people already sipping on one of the best-selling product in this location: the hot drinking chocolate. This liquid heaven is available in shot and cup sizes and they have a to-go option as well.

You can choose between Rivoli Dark Drinking Chocolate, Cinnamon Infused Dark Drinking Chocolate or Spicy Dark Drinking Chocolate. To my surprise, I learned that the other bestselling products are the 100% chocolate bars. One of the 11 knowledgeable employees will patiently assist you to find the right chocolate for you. By the tremendous varieties of international and amazingly local chocolate bars, all exquisitely wrapped, you are grateful to sample a few of the chocolate before you buy one. If you live in Portland or are only visiting, you will appreciate the eco-friendly vibe and the commitment to local products. It is great to see, that Cacao features local products as well.

Among Woodblock Chocolates, Coca Nu or Alma you will see bars like Xocolatl de David from Seattle. Chocolate is timeless and a feast for your senses and this location provides a wide range of hand selected products from trendy to traditional, infused with flavors or the pure raw chocolate.

The idea to open a beautifully designed chocolate retail store was born after the owners realized that people started to consider chocolate an artisan food and a movement developed for small batch production. A few years ago you would only find a handful of small production manufacturers in the country. Today, you find over 40 chocolate manufacturers throughout the United States. Jesse mentioned during our meeting that he would love to go on a road trip and visit all his favorite chocolate lines, some day.

Cacao creates not only a place to enjoy drinking chocolate, it even educates you about the product. Ambitious to increase the service, Jesse and Aubrey added a weekly tasty event. The tasting events also have a different theme and gives you a greater experience of the flavors and better appreciation for the manufacturer.

It is the experience of the moment, the warm atmosphere which distinguish venues like Cacao from other retail stores. The location is in the trendy modern district and if you need a sweet boost, special gift or want to take a break from the vibrant streets, stroll to 13th Ave and enjoy yourself .


414 SW 13th Avenue

Portland, OR 97205


Mon-Thurs 10 am – 8pm

Fri- Sat 10 am – 10pm

Sunday 11 am – 6 pm

Phone: 503-241-0656


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