Canteen Pdx

First to say, I am not vegan but I am always open for new flavors. Portland has many vegan options, but Canteen is Canteenan off-the -beaten path- place for vegan breakfast, lunch & dinner. Canteen established in 2012, is located at SE Stark and 28th. The menu includes hearty grain bowls , healthy unusual salads varieties packed full of flavors, breakfast bowls with oatmeal and granola. While you are waiting for your fresh prepared lunch, sip on one of their fresh pressed juices or smoothies. Brian Heck, owner of Canteen Pdx and Portland based design firm Vontundra, turned the former brick and mortar coffee shop into a hip bright location,where you will enjoy healthy vegan food made out of 100% organic local grown ingredients. Brian had the vision to open a place where you have a street food experience in an eco-friendly atmosphere. Among white oak and marble, are canvas and steel dominant fabrics which were used to remodel the location. You can eat and drink inside or in the covered outdoor area. An additional outdoor sitting area for the summer time is the perfect place to hang out with your human or your four paw friends. Brian’s next step: adding an outdoor fireplace where you will enjoy a beer or wine on the upcoming winter days. During my meeting with Brian I sensed his passion for food and for his business . He makes vegan food accessable for all people and shows that it takes only classic simples ingredients for a tasteful lunch or dinner. The staff transfers simple ingredients like walnuts and seasoning into „taco meat“ . You would not taste the absence of meat, if you wouldn’t know it. Craving after lunch and don’t feel overloaded but satisfied? Then, try their salad options like the Walnut Taco Salad. Or one of their bowls like the Portland Bowl packed with quinoa/ black beans/ baked marble tempeh bacon and their heavenly tasting secret NW sauce.I don’t know how they actually make the sauce but it gives the bowl the secret kick. Vegan desserts like raw cheese cake with the raw cashew crust or the Pixie Retreat raw chocolates creations are a must for everyone who has a sweet tooth. Or indulge in a glass of wine or a beer to pamper yourself.

Seeking after a hidden treasure for a vegan food adventure, I highly recommend Canteen PDX.

Canteen Pdx

SE Stark and SE 28th, Portland OR

Mondays closed, Tue-Sun 9am-pm


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