Portland @ PSU

From local Kimchi to Pine State Biscuits

A homage to Portland Farmers Market

Edibles that you have never seen before , a veggie valet for overloaded shoppers, endless samples ? Yes, I speak from Portland Farmers Market. The place for early birds or sleepy slumbers, where both can have the experience of a community farm in the city . Established in 1992 from the three Founders – Craig Mosbaek, Ted Snider and Richard Hagan the PFMPortland-20131012-01025 has still the same vision to bring local grown produce to the heart of the city. They wanted to create a unique venue where local farmers have a direct connection to their consumers . I have been to many farmers’ markets in my life and can say that the PFM is one of my favorites. Even when farmers’ markets have the reputation that you pay exorbitant prices, they are a must see in my opinion. Otherwise, why would you find the PFM in a lonely planet guide? Let’s take a closer look what is this vibe about the farmers market?

Is it the energy of bustling people, the smell of fresh food, the samples on every corner, the direct connection of 250 vendors with deep roots in Oregon and Washington? Or the place where you meet with your friends on a saturday morning to get a fried chicken bacon & cheese sandwich topped with gravy at the Pine State Biscuits Stand even if you wait an hour with an hot coffee from Nossa Famila until you find a grassy place to enjoy your breakfast.

All of these attributes describe it perfectly. Speaking for myself it feels like- Home. A farmers market provides a warm welcoming feeling, provides public education and you get latest news on local grown food. Small business have a wide platform to promote their food like Choi’s Kimchi and you can sample almost anything before you buy it.

Farmers’ Markets provide all residents the access to farm fresh food and the PFM participates with programs like SNAP , so that people with low-income can afford fresh food and can nourish their family with healthy and sustainable food.

Curious, then book a flight to the town of bridges, breweries, people with beards and take your time to explore the Portland Farmers Market.

Written by

Annika Bielig-Bussmann


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