SIP Juice Cart

Satisfy your health tooth

What is SIP? As I googled , it says :“A mouthful of liquid“. In the particular case of SIP -Juice Cart, it means a place where you get healthy juices, nutritious shots, smoothies and on colder winter days even hot drinks, all vegan. BrianIMG-20131106-01150 Heck, owner of SIP & Canteen creates a hip and delicious vegan smoothie &juice bar with 100% organic ingredients . Every Penny you spend at the Cart is worth it. Brian is a native upstate NY’er and long time vegan  addicted to healthy food. He had the idea to open a shop for vegan milkshakes and regular stop for vegan adventures. After he read Green for Life by Author Victoria Boutenko, he was even more inspired by the fact that blended greens can improve your health and increase your energy level. Eventually, he got a silver 1959 vintage camper and a few years later a 1969 Chinook Mobilelodge from Craigslists. He turned them into a design-y-little spot with help of Portand -based design firm Vontundra. We live in a walkable distance to their SE Sip cart and I need to confess when I stroll by the cart the fresh smell of the juices makes my mouth water. You are not sure if blended greens are for you? Try their Sabana smoothie a sweet -tangy smoothie with almond milk. Or sub it with their house- made raw hemp milk. Sweet tooth ? Grab the Belmont, a creamy rich chocolate fulfilling smoothie sweetened with agave .You have always the option to sub agave for dates. Overwhelmed by the menu? Then you have two helpful options. First choose the custom blend to build your own smoothie of choice. Second option, talk to the friendly staff who will make you a creative smoothie or juice packed with healthy deliciousness. Guilt- free eating. What is not to love about it? I read in a few reviews about complaints that they do not always offer pineapple or some tropical fruits all year long. From a customer perspective, I would agree on this issue. A further look on logistic aspects, social aspects, and at the perspective of an eco – conscious business owner like Brian let me realize that he is right and in a way it is free education about food and food choices in different seasons. To guarantee 100% organic ingredients and freshest produce from local farmers, they use an OGC, which is a local distributor specialized on local organic farms . Fresh produce in fun forms like fresh juices or smoothies, gives you an opportunity to explore foreign flavors. The staff uses a masticating juicer for the fresh pressed juices and a vitamix for the smoothies. The juicer reduces the loss of nutrition that occurs during the pressing process. Bring your own cup and get a punchard, after 10 drinks you get one free. Days get colder and darker, warm yourself with an Immune Booster or a Fire Cocoa on your way back home or on a lazy Sunday afternoon. There’s just something about these Juice Carts you can’t help, but leave with a glorious smile on .

Sip Juice Cart


3029 SE 21th Ave                                       Open Hours: 9 am – 7pm

2210 NE Alberta St.                                   Open Hours: 9am- 6pm


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