Tabor Bread

Fresh oven baked Bread & Tango

What pops up in your mind when you read the topic title? Bread & Tango in one place? Tissa Stein creates with Tabor Bread on Hawthorne Blvd and 51st a warm welcoming place where DSCF4939you have the opportunity to experience artisan food and a tango dancing event called Milonga. Instantly when you walk into this former medical building you have an open wide view of the beautiful masonry oven which is in addition to the in house mill and the whole bakery team, the heart of this gorgeous location. As originally from Germany, I am always on the hunt for a fresh oven baked bread .The bread here is natural leavened and oven baked with residual heat. Every night they light a fire in the oven and let it burn overnight. Around 4 am in the morning the baker sweeps out the ash and mops the oven. The final result is a hot oven where they can bake a day long without turning the oven off and on for the baking process which is a pretty eco-conscious approach. Even for a city like Portland with its tremendous amount of food options is this rare to find. Varieties of ancient grains from Camas Country Mill in Eugene like red fife wheat, white spring wheat gives the bread his amazing flavor .Natural proofed baking is a science and you can sense the passion and the professionalism in the whole bakery team. If you have further question don’t be shy and ask the front crew or owner Tissa Stein . After 20 years of wood oven baked bread experience she can respond to almost every request. Although the location is not direct at the packed Hawthorne Blvd it has a gathering affect .It has been one year since they opened and they are pretty popular for their lunch where they offer daily changing soups and sandwiches. Since the opening in 2012, Tabor Breadoven thermometer developed a bread community with many regular clients in this lovely neighborhood. Don’t live close by ? Not a problem, they deliver Green Zebra in NE Portland and Peoples Co- op in SE Portland. In addition to their whole sale they place left over bread on a stand in front of the bakery. In order to be able to respond to the growing demand they plan to add a pick up location for CSA Boxes so that more people have access to local grown produce and their bread. In addition to that, they are in progress to design events to educate about the natural fermentation and other nutrition topics. On Monday nights , when the fire in the oven burns, the sitting area transforms into a tango dance venue. The gorgeous wood floor and the warm atmosphere are a perfect place to dance Argentine Tango. Tissa Stein has a deep passion for this vibrant and playful dance. Tango has a rich potential for expression and improvisation and connection between two people.Argentine Tango was one of the main reason why Tissa Stein relocated to Portland where she had the vision to combine the baking element with the dancing element . The Milonga are held by Mandatango with Mikas & Antje as teachers.

If you ever in this area or on a Sunday stroll to the Mt. tabor stop by Tabor Bread. It is worth to try their bread & pastries with one or two cups of their coffee from a local coffee supplier Spella Caffe.


Tabor Bread 5051 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR 97215 Phone: 971 279 5530

Written by Annika Bielig-Bussmann


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